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still slate
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It’s December 2018 and I’m taking a moment to look back at my musical slate journey which started in 1986 in North Wales and has since taken me to numerous distant sound worlds. My slate music had its first high point with Cân Y Graig - Slate Voices, a cross-art-form performance in 1990 that celebrated slate and the quarry communities of Snowdonia, and toured widely in the UK. This new CD can be seen as a sequel to that, bringing together a selection of my many other pieces created with the grainy grey stone since then. All the pieces have already been released on my other CDs.

Nous sommes en décembre 2018 et je prends le temps de revenir sur mon voyage d’ardoise musicale commencé en 1986 dans le nord du Pays de Galles et qui m’a conduit depuis dans nombre de mondes sonores lointains. Ma musique d’ardoise a percé pour la première fois avec Cân Y Graig – Slate Voices en 1990, une performance artistique croisée qui célébrait l’ardoise et les communautés de carriers de Snowdonia, et qui a beaucoup tourné au Royaume Uni. On peut considérer ce CD comme une suite qui rassemble une sélection des nombreuses autres pièces que j’ai créées depuis avec cette pierre grise granuleuse. Toutes les pièces sont déjà éditées sur mes autres CDs.

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ALWAYS SOUND is a 200 page full colour book with photos, bilingual text and 3 audio CDs
covering my work over a period of about 15 years.

LE SON EST TOUJOURS PRESENT est un livre bilingue de 200 pages
en couleur avec photos, textes et 3 CDs audios

lire la suite...

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bouts de bois
bits of wood

a book and audio CD

format 20cm x 20cm

128 pages with over 100 colour photos

text in English (extract) and French

73 minute audio CD exploring wood sounds and music

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audio extracts

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Song Sculptures

not to blame

i'm trying hard

Sianed Jones, Pierre Corbi, Benoît Keller and Will on top form.
Audio CD with 32 pages of photos of sculptures and song lyrics in French and English

78 minutes of music recorded at Nicéphore Cité in Chalon-sur-Saône just after Christmas 2004. Engineered by Denis Vautrin, this disc presents a new relation between sculpture, sound and music. Words and melodies grow from the sounds and forms of eight of Will's sculptures, creating a unique world that is visual and aural in equal measure.

1 Ground Rules 2 Slow Talker 3 Safe Words 4 Falling Water 5 Your Tongue 6 The Couple 7 The Leaf 8 My Oldest Friend 9 I Remember 10 Thirsty Parasite 11 Deep Slate 12 Incomplete

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audio :

falling water slow talker safe words deep slate

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two solo CDs by Will Menter, released April 1st 2003

wood wind and rain songs

wood wind underground

sound sculptures, slate marimbas, cave recordings

This collection combines live recordings made underground in the Carrière de Vignemont in Loches, near Tours in France, (where four of my sound sculptures are housed permanently) with recordings made in my home studio. Like Bees in the Bathroom, the emphasis is on long tracks, and these explore the sound of the quarry as much as the sculptures and instruments. All the sounds apart from the saxophone and the quarry wall, Paroi and Paroi Abdominale, are made by sound sculptures and instruments I have made. Out of Phase and Slate Sections exploit a different technique. The sounds are all made by my slate marimbas, but they are sampled and then played by a keyboard and sequencer.

12 tracks, total time 69 mins (CD)

1 Touching Rain Songs 2 Out of Phase 3 Paroi 4 Curved Ascending Air 5 Slate Sections (1) 6 Slate Sections (2) 7 Slate Sections (3) 8 Slate Sections (4) 9 Paroi Abdominale 10 Wood Wind 11 Coupled 12 Bruine

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audio :

out of phase

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bees in the bathroom

winter wind

sound sculptures, weather, insects

Two summer recordings sandwich severe weather soundscapes. Where Celebrating Rain and Ground Level were journeys through changing places, Bees in the Bathroom emphasises steady states. The pieces are longer (up to 35 minutes in the case of Rain Songs) and invite listeners to immerse themselves in the feeling of each sound and explore the changing detail. The Bees were actually not quite in the bathroom, but recorded through a ventilation grill in the wall last June. Rain Songs is probably my favourite sound sculpture. I never tire of listening to it and finding new ways to record it. This time it's in my barn on a cold January night, and I'm adjusting the nozzles to change the dripping speed. Roterre is a ceramic sculpture I made for my friend Pete Ridsdale. Two rotating balls with percussive devices inside. I recorded this before handing it over to him. I installed the sculpture Winter Wind (pictured above) in front of my house in December 2002. Weathered documents it's last day of life a month later, as one of the trees supporting it blew down in this storm. Partners in Balance is an electrically driven mobile where five pieces of slate scrape against each other. The bamboo sounds on this track are another sculpture, The Ladder, installed in the same space. It was cold again outside, but by a lucky accident, Valentine was playing her recorder in the road when I recorded this piece. I think the High Cicadas were having group sex. Three were intertwined and two more waiting in line, two thousand metres up in the Pyrenees last September. It was a beautiful sunny day but with a strong breeze. There sound attracted me from far away and I waited for the wind to drop to record them. They didn't seem to be embarrassed.

6 tracks, total time 79 mins (CDR)

1 Bees in the Bathroom 2 Rain Songs 3 Roterre 4 Weathered 5 Partners in Balance 6 High Cicadas

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audio :

bees in the bathroom



Above and Below Ground Level

second solo CD by Will Menter, released Nov 1st 2001

two hands clapping

sound sculptures, recorded soundscapes, ersatzophone, clapping pots

Listeners familiar with last year's Celebrating Rain will recognise the format: a sonic journey that evokes an almost palpable landscape and environment. This time we start in a cave in the Pyrenees where Dots and Dashes guides us to look at prehistoric paintings. But, of course, the listener must imagine the image . . . . . . in silence. . . . broken by the chiming entry of a group of slate marimbas all slightly out of phase. We move upwards to High Ridge where cowbells and wind dovetail into the fired earth percussion sounds of Transhumance. Then suddenly we are in Somerset for Ice Skid : a flooded and frozen field where ice shards skip across the surface. This set explores solid and brittle sounds - slate, fired earth, ice - tapped, scraped and snapped. Each piece is a surprise but the shared materials draw them together. Eventually we are back underground but this time in the vaulted cellar of Cluny Abbey where the natural reverberation of Stone Reflecting resounds the warm sounds of fingers tapping the slate marimba heard earlier, drawing the journey to a calm conclusion.

10 tracks, total time 39 mins.(CDR)

1 dots and dashes 2 about listening 3 high ridge 4 transhumance 5 ice skid 6 subsistence 7 stepping 8 the guiding song 9 abundance 10 stone reflecting

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audio :

ice skid transhumance


resonant terra cotta



Celebrating Rain

solo CD by Will Menter, released Nov 1st 2000

at the edge of the world

sound sculptures, recorded soundscapes, soprano sax

Celebrating Rain takes the listener on a thirty eight minute sonic journey. Starting from the delicate melodies of water dripping on slate, passing through the deep gurgle of "Ascending Air" to an underground water cistern in Somerset. A soprano sax plays first on a beach in north Wales then beside an almost dry waterfall in Burgundy. In winter, in a special event for the millenium, the same waterfall gushes down on to Will's "Falling Water Resonating Devices". The set culminates with "Beautiful Rain" where the voices of Chartwell Dutiro and Sianed Jones accompany the sounds of rain dripping through an oak tree on to five slate marimbas.

9 tracks, total time 38 mins.(CDR)

1 Poor Cow 2 Ascending Air 3 The Singing Goat 4 Watercatch 5 Slow Talker 6 Falling Water
7 Warm Current 8 Slate Beach 9 Beautiful Rain

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audio :

poor cow

OVERFLOW- Ses Plus Grands Tubes

CD reissue of mid 80s and mid 90s material - released 1st February 2001

"it sounds like slugs trying to sing"


Overflow was about tubes. Lots of tubes. Mainly plastic ones. We played them in many different ways. Lip buzzing like trumpets, flute blowing one end with the other end in water, tapping one end with a flat rubber beater, whistling into them to bring out high harmonics, standing them in water and gurgling air through them, fixing the neck of a balloon over one end to make a double reed, attaching a sax mouthpiece to make a cheap bass clarinet, sliding different diameters into each other to make a trombone.Overflow was also about hocket, the technique found all over the world where several players interlock their sounds to make a melody that seems to be monophonic and contrapuntal at the same time. The group was based in Bristol in the mid 1980s and performed across Britain and Europe. The first three tracks are from that period, the other two, in a similar spirit, were made in 1996 for "Remplisson" a radio collaboration between Steve May and Will Menter.

5 tracks, total time 21 mins.(CDR)

1 Submerging Polly 2 Overflow 3 Bakerloo Boogaloo 4 Esprit de Grotte
5 (I'm Just) Trying to Relax

Price : not currently available

audio :

esprit de grotte



Cân Y Graig - Slate Voices

a celebration of slate

slate landscape

1990 studio recording now available on CD. The first appearance of Will's slate marimbas!

A new instrument, the llechiphone, made from the most ancient material, slate. With musical influences from across the world Sianed Jones's passionate singing gives a new voice to the rural industrial community which once thrived around Mount Snowdon in North Wales, but is now often neglected. Poems specially written by Gwyn Thomas are set to music by Will Menter.

Musicians: Will Menter, Sianed Jones, Henry Shaftoe, Marco Anderson, Ralf Dorrell
Instruments: many llechiphones, voice, soprano sax, trombone, violin, bass viol, drum kit.

9 tracks, total time 50 mins.(CDR)

Price : not currently available

audio :

slate tinkle quarries


Strong Winds and Soft Earth Landings

changing skies

1994 studio recording now available on CD. Recorded mid-tour in Dorset!

Three Zimbabwean and four British musicians intertwine traditional Shona mbira music with jazz and new music, celebrating the human journeys that follow the centuries old migrations of swifts and swallows between Europe and southern Africa.

Music: Will Menter and the band.
Words: Musaemura Zimunya, Libby Houston, the band.
Musicians: Will Menter, Chartwell Dutiro, Newmas Kunatsa, Julian Dale, Erin MacDonnell, Chris Mhlanga, Henry Shaftoe.
Instruments: mbira, karimba, double bass, slate marimba, soprano sax, drums, shakers, voices.

13 tracks, total time 67 mins.(CDR)

Price : not currently available

audio :

strong winds ngirande / england

link to "A Musical, Migrational Flight" by Kristyan Robinson

link to "Moving Towards Africa" by Will Menter

Strong Winds and Soft Earth Landings
Booklet with three short stories:


Hakuna, Mbira Player by Musaemura Zimunya
Cultural Conflict by Musaemura Zimunya
The Birdwatcher by Will Menter

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