Always Sound

ALWAYS SOUND is a 200 page full colour book with photos, bilingual text and 3 audio CDs covering my work over a period of about 15 years.

ALWAYS SOUND is now available at a price of £30 or 35€, including post to anywhere in Europe or outside Europe by surface mail. (For airmail outside Europe ask me for a quote). If you don't want to buy online, you can send me a British or French cheque or cash. Otherwise, click on the Paypal link below.

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ALWAYS SOUND - the book

The book follows the same format as my previous work "Bits of Wood". That is, short series of photos interspersed with texts in English and French. Whereas BOW confined itself strictly to wood, this new work takes a much broader stance covering many of my projects over the last fifteen years or so and bringing them together in a way that, I hope, gives a thorough overview of what I do, exploring the philosophy and concepts behind it as much as the works themselves.

The emphasis and starting point is my solo work, but it also covers my collaborations with dancers Aurore Gruel and Mure Natale, musician Pierre Corbi and visual artist Jane Norbury. For example the photo above is from the TerrePierre project of 2009 and shows Aurore Gruel in front of a ceramic sound sculpture made with the help of Jane Norbury and Pierre Corbi.

To see the first few pages click here.


ALWAYS SOUND - the audio CDs

The CDs are compiled from recordings "in situ" of my sound sculptures, from music played by me, from studio edits of live recordings and from simple recordings of the sounds of nature.

Each of the 3 is conceived as a complete concert where the sequence of pieces is equally important to the content of each piece.

The themes are elemental :

CD1 - Land Sea Air

CD2 - Night Day

CD3 - Gravity Breath

The piece you should be hearing in the background as you read this is "Warm Wet Weekend" from CD1. If it is not playing click here.

Click here to hear "Mbira" from CD2

Click here to hear an extract from "Terre sur Terre" from CD3

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