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two people dans les montagnes

two people

field notes

bois contre bois



sculptures sonores

the bumping of the logs (article)

bits of wood (book)/ bouts de bois (livre)


short sharp shower

warm wet weekend


cuttle fish / seiches

ferns wood mure

terre sur terre



singing rain hats


tracks from my CDs :

out of phase (from woodwind and rainsongs)

esprit de grotte (from overflow)

ice skid (from above and below ground level)

transhumance (from above and below ground level)

watercatch (from celebrating rain)

poor cow (from celebrating rain)

bees in the bathroom (from bees in the bathroom)

slate tinkle (from slate voices)

quarries (from slate voices)

falling water (from song sculptures)

slow talker (from song sculptures)

safe words (from song sculptures)

deep slate (from song sculptures)

strong winds (from strong winds)

ngirande : england (from strong winds)

all this music is copyright, please contact me if you want to use it for anything

toute la musique est copyright, écrivez-moi si vous avez envie de l'utiliser s'il vous plait

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