Will Menter has composed a series of ten songs for the voice of Sianed Jones, each of which takes as its starting point the atmosphere and sound created by one of his sculptures. Will uses Sianed's depth of vocal expression to take these atmospheres further into an interior space where personal feelings merge with shared memories. Sianed places herself next to the sculptures and is accompanied by their sounds and by the three musicians of "Slate", playing slate marimba, double bass and soprano saxophone. Of course, there are also instrumental passages, and a flexibility in the score that allows the musicians to respond to the nature of the space they are performing in.
But the piece is more than a set of songs and sculptures. A self-portrait gradually emerges, and we can begin to piece together a life story and a philosophy. A world is created. A world called Song Sculptures.

Will and Sianed first worked together in 1990 on the highly acclaimed "Cân Y Graig - Slate Voices" performed in slate mines in north Wales, the ICA in London and Arnolfini in Bristol. Later they worked on "Remplisson", a radio play. A demo cd of these works and rehearsals of the new project is available for interested promoters.

Song Sculptures is both an exhibition that can be installed for a period of days or weeks and a concert that lasts for about one and a half hours. It is planned to take place in galleries, theatres or special spaces with a strong character of their own (such as heritage sites, industrial sites or natural parks). The place must be flexible enough for the focus of attention to change for each piece. Either the audience and performers must be able to move around the sculptures or there must be a sophisticated lighting system which brings forward a different emphasis for each piece.

new project /SONG SCULPTURES /now available for concerts and gallery installations /first performance was at L'Arc Scène Nationale, Le Creusot, France April 9th 2004/
"Menter could be a new kind of composer, working with his surroundings as well as new materials for generating sound. His relationship with his environment is crucial." - the Wire

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