Somewhere inside me is a thirsty parasite
It waits to attach itself to women
It watches for a sign
And then it drinks quickly
And fills itself with this woman

It’s a habit that’s all
Something like a need, like food, like drink, like warmth
It’s a space that wants to be filled

Inside me is a thirsty parasite
Always drinking from women
Always watching for a sign
A smile, a word, a certain tone in the voice,
A movement of the neck, a cheek that turns, suggesting a way of being

But it’s more than a habit it’s an addiction
It’s a feeling I like it’s a feeling I hate
I live with it now and I can’t live with it now
I don’t know how to live without it

Do you see it? My thirsty parasite
Crawling from my eyes
Leaping off my smile

Do you want it? My thirsty flirt
Flowing over my skin
Oozing from my warmth

Do you feel it?
Sucking deep inside
Nibbling at your heart

Do you feel it?
My flirty parasite
Melting your reserve
Burrowing under your defence

Do you feel it?
My thirsty flirt
Twisting and twirling with yours
Coiling and colluding with yours

Do you feel it?
My thirsty flirt
Writhing and surviving
Intertwining with you

. .