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Let me tell you about my oldest friend, my friend
My friend is always waiting
He can wait for more things at once than anyone I know, my friend
He waits for money and phone calls
He waits for buses, that's easy

He waits for inspiration
He waits for love.

Well, you know that's not so easy, my friend

My friend is always waiting for the right moment
He says that timing is everything
He waits for life

Let me tell you what I did for my oldest friend, my friend
You can guess
I waited
Not for buses or money or phone calls
Of course not
I waited for him
And the right moment

But my friend didn’t notice me.
My oldest friend didn’t notice my timing
And that hurt

As he gets older my friend is often forgetting
He’s less and less a timing person,
He’s more and more a waiting person
Worst of all he forgets
That he is waiting for life
He thinks that he is waiting for death
If there is one thing I wish for my older oldest friend
I wish he would remember to remember
Remember that remembering person
That he once was.