Does it make sense to say that I feel incomplete?
Can we divide a person into elements and speak of some of these as being essential?
And if so, what happens if some are missing?

I knew a man with a leg missing
He managed
I knew a man with no hearing
He was OK
I knew a woman with no hairs
But she had hats
Once I heard of a baby who was born with no head
Is that possible?

A sense of humour is a help but is it essential?
Maybe there are some who don’t have much to laugh at
And if so I don’t think it is right
To think of them as incomplete

I have two legs
I have a head
I hear just fine
And I have many, many hairs
But I’ve told you already I feel incomplete.
Well, what's missing then?

It’s a feeling
Just a feeling
Please don’t ask me
It’s a feeling that is missing

It’s a feeling
Feel that feeling
I can’t explain
You just feel the feeling that is missing

. .