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When I made my website, including this page, in 1999, a year after moving to France, it seemed that artistic collaborations were the core of my work. As it turned out my work has developed in a much less collaborative way since then, and this section now reads like an account of some of my work during the last few years before I left England.

Radio plays with writer Steve May

FAIR HEARING was inspired by the life of Michael Tippett and the writer's father. The music, for soprano sax and double bass interacts with the speaking. BBC radio 3.

REMPLISSON. An imaginary island where a composer and his teenage daughter are on holiday. For the music Will creates both the composer's own music and the indigenous music of the island. BBC radio 3.

Travelling Light Young People's Theatre

SORTED. For 12-16 year olds. Choices in personal life and career life. Whacky rhythms and instruments played loud! Over 100 performances in England, Poland and Slovakia.

THE MELON BOAT . For 5-8 year olds. A young girl and her grandfather go on an adventure on a melon boat in search of a musical tea set. Gentle music played quiet, culminating in a piece for violin, soprano sax and genuine musical tea set. Over 100 performances in England.

Forge with Miranda Tufnell

FORGE was a site specific performance directed by dancer Miranda Tufnell on Melmerby Green, Cumbria in July 1993.
"In a woody glade,as darkness fell, a dazzling flare marked the site of an ancient forge. Spectators gathered, the distant sound of Will's soprano sax came into focus as he approached. Carefully placed lights revealed a man slipping down the trunk of a tree,and in the distance a woman feeling her way around another tree's base. Lights swung on long pendulums, projecting moving shadows of bodies and foliage. From high in the trees came the gentle sounds of a hanging cluster of wooden marimba keys. From the ground, the slate marimba responded. . . . .Then, towards the end, cascades of bamboo and steel strips oozled their way earthwards down wires in a fascinating merging of sound and movement." Jason Thomas

Pomme Clayton, storyteller

CONVERSATIONS WITH SOLOMON AND SHEBA commissioned by BBC radio 4 was Pomme's retelling of the story intertwined with Will's music for slate marimbas, bamboo saxophone, oozler etc.

AMAZING MAIDENS In live performance, Pomme reworks traditional stories from around the old world. Will makes music with ordinary and extraordinary instruments. Together they create their own new world.

Medea Mahdavi - Doves

Persian dancer Medea Mahdavi devised and choreographed this performance based on the work of the 12th century sufi poet Nizami Ganjavi. Will wrote original music which he performed together with Egyptian percussionist Ibrahim Al-Manyawi. Many performance in England and elsewhere, including WOMAD at Las Palmas, Canary Isles, 1996.

Text and images © copyright Will Menter.

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